Friday, June 1, 2012

Wedding day

 During the sealing the kids went over to the Disney store.  Thanks Uncle Mike!!

 I think Jordan looks a little nervous to introduce his new bride to his oldest brother. Just saying.

 The whole family
 (Well, most of us)

 Mason snagging a licorice

 Oliver and Abby

 Mason and Elle

 I think Jordan is updating his FB status

 Parker, Kenny, and Anthony

 Dustin helping me get a picture of Justin
(After all, I am Justin's favorite aunt on both sides)

 Joey, Anthony, Justin, and Kenny

 In your face...

 See Brittney... you WERE at the reception

 Parker and Jake

 Lauren and Myia

 Grandma and Elle

 Time to decorate the car

Mason and Dylan


  1. My eyes are all black. I guess it hides how tired I was. That's the last time I skype at 3 am!

  2. I haven't been on blogger much lately, so I totally missed these posts until now! but I loved all the pictures! That was a fun week!