Sunday, September 30, 2012



All of the kids have begged for a dog since they have learned to talk. We said we would get one when Elle was old enough, but now she is, so we knew we had to get one. We searched for a long time, then we finally found one- in Utah. Some cousins were coming out in a couple days, so they went and got her, and took her out here while they were coming to visit.

Elle's 'Haircut'

One day, Elle, and some of the neighbor girls decided that it would be fun to give each other haircuts. So, they took their scissors, went up to the bathroom, and had some fun. By the time they game down stairs, the older girls noticed something different. The 2 girls that had long hair... suddenly had short hair. And one of those 2 girls included ELLE.

This is the haircut that Elle came home with......
And this is the REAL hairdresser's haircut that she gave Elle. This hair cut made everything look much better.


Box Fort

When we moved into our new house, we got unpacked REALLY quickly. So, all the boxes that were unpacked, we just threw into a room. This caused a big pile of boxes.
This big pile of boxes got parker, and the neighbor kid thinking. First, they used it as as a hidout for their nurf wars, but then they realized they could connect their little rooms in the fort, and make passageways, and tunnels.


Our First Visit to the Denver Temple

One Sunday morning we all decided that we wanted to go visit the Denver temple, because church did not start until 2:00. The Denver Temple is only about 10 minutes away so we get to visit it often.
We all enjoyed our visit to the beautiful temple in Denver Colorado.

Utah Trip- Day With the Smith's

On our last day in Utah, Aunt Jennie and Uncle Lance invited us over to eat dinner and play. Aunt Jennie made us wonderful Cafe Rio tacos that we all enjoyed. The kids had a awesome time playing and had so much fun. We all enjoyed each other's company on our last day in Utah.
Thank you Smith Family!!!!