Sunday, January 1, 2012

New York pt. 2- cell phone pictures

Ice skating at Bryant Park
 I know, the cell phone pictures are horrible!!

We had such a wonderful time ice skating. I was SHOCKED that Kate and Elle wanted to skate.  I thought they wouldn't want to.  Or they would be scared once they tried and want to stop.  Nope, they LOVED it!!

 Parker definitely wins the award for falling the most

 Those are the smallest ice skates ever!  So cute!

Ok, these pictures are out of order.  We stopped by the NBC store on the first day after Rockefeller Plaza for a much needed candy break.  

 We stopped by the Lego store.  It was probably Parker's favorite part. 
Dustin loved this bus

 Waiting for pizza at Famous Original Ray's

Lauren trying on glasses in time square


In an attempt to not be super sad to be so far from family at Christmas time we went to New York City the day after Christmas for two nights.
The drive was about 4 hours.  We lucked out and didn't hit any traffic on the way.
 Ok, so you can't really see what the sign says.  My bad.  It says "Connecticut welcomes you"

 As soon as we got there we headed out to check thing out. Our first stop was Rockefeller plaza.

 Next we were off to Time Square. Parker wanted to get his picture taken with Mario.  It was really funny because there were tons of people dressed up in costumes so you can get your picture taken with them for $$$$.

 This guy in the background dressed up like the Statue of Liberty

 Time Square!!!

Next we took a tour on our way to the harbor to go see the Statue of Liberty
 The kids LOVED being on the top level of the bus.

 The Bull

 The subway

 F.A.O Schwarz
Too bad that bird cost $100.

 The kids playing the $25,000 Barbie Foosball game

 The big piano

 F.A.O Schwaz Soldier

 On our LONG walk to F.A.O Schwarz it started to down pour.  We didn't have our umbrellas with us so we ended up buying three umbrellas from street vendors.  Elle fell asleep on our way to find somewhere to eat dinner after F.A.O Schwarz.

 It was seriously raining like crazy.  But it was great too.  I know that sounds weird, but it was so terrible that we had to just laugh.  We huddled together heads down and walked as quickly as we could back to the hotel.  Seconds after the above picture was taken it stared to rain even harder and the wind picked up like crazy.  Our $5 street vendor umbrellas bent back the wrong way.  Luckily by that time we were right across the street from our hotel.  We were soaking wet!  It made a memory!!!

The next morning we woke up early and headed down to the Today Show.  Not early enough though.  There were a lot of people there.  I was able to talk the officer guarding the side entrance to let us through.  Matt Lauer waved to Elle and said hi to her.  The kids thought it was so boring to be there, so we left after just a couple of minutes.

Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve
On Christmas Eve we continued our tradition and we went to the movies and out to dinner.  We had to start this tradition when we moved away from family.  It keeps us busy on Christmas Eve so we aren't thinking of all of the fun our family is having without us.

When we got home we surprised the kids with a special present.  When they opened it, this is what they found.
When we decided to move from Indiana we knew the kids would not be happy about it at all.  So we made a family motto.Cheesy as it is...  Adventures, big or small, we like them all.  It turned out to work too. The kids were (somewhat) willing to move to Mass. for our next adventure.
So I thought it would be a great way to let the kids know that we are going to NEW YORK!!!!  The kids were so excited!

Christmas morning

Christmas was Awesome!

December activities

Santa Countdown
 Everyday in December the kids glued a cotton ball onto Santa's beard.  By Christmas he has a full beard.

Flour tortilla snowflake

 I got this idea from Our Best Bites.  The kids had a blast making snowflakes out of tortillas, putting butter on them, sprinkling them with sugar, toasting them in the oven, and especially eating them.

Gingerbread house

 Every year we put together and decorate a gingerbread house. Every year it is crazy madness.  The house looks crazy silly.  And we have a crazy ton of fun!!!
This year was no different.

It ended with the kids licking the frosting on the house, and Dustin squirting frosting in the kids mouth.