Sunday, June 17, 2012

Haging out at Uncle Dylan's and Bridal Vail Falls

 Jacob, Parker, Kenny finding out how deep the water was at Bridal Vail Falls

 Auntie Evette, Marisa, Abby, Kate
watering Auntie Evette's garden

 Elle with a few of her favorite things...
Frank, Auntie Evette, and the bowl of candy from Uncle Mike.  Elle carried this bowl of candy around with her all night.

Uncle Dylan on the trampoline with a BUNCH of nieces and nephews

A few things you can ALWAYS count on at Uncle Dylan's:  making cotton candy, making snow cones, and making fire

All of the kids loved making a fire with Uncle Dylan
Thanks Uncle Dylan!!
Parker still talks about making this fire.

Trampoline fun!

Parker and Mason at Bridal Vail falls

Marisa, Abby, Elle, Kate at Bridal Vail Falls

Elle (pouting...again) and Abby at Bridal Vail Falls

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