Sunday, June 17, 2012

Haging out at Uncle Dylan's and Bridal Vail Falls

 Jacob, Parker, Kenny finding out how deep the water was at Bridal Vail Falls

 Auntie Evette, Marisa, Abby, Kate
watering Auntie Evette's garden

 Elle with a few of her favorite things...
Frank, Auntie Evette, and the bowl of candy from Uncle Mike.  Elle carried this bowl of candy around with her all night.

Uncle Dylan on the trampoline with a BUNCH of nieces and nephews

A few things you can ALWAYS count on at Uncle Dylan's:  making cotton candy, making snow cones, and making fire

All of the kids loved making a fire with Uncle Dylan
Thanks Uncle Dylan!!
Parker still talks about making this fire.

Trampoline fun!

Parker and Mason at Bridal Vail falls

Marisa, Abby, Elle, Kate at Bridal Vail Falls

Elle (pouting...again) and Abby at Bridal Vail Falls

Mapleton Reception and hike

Mapleton Reception and my brothers
Mike, Tremayne, Brysen, Jordan, me, Dylan, Oliver

 Keaton and Elle

 Abby, Kate, and Marisa

 Elle and Alexis

 Jordan and Amber

 This is how they thanked the person who decorated the wedding cake.
It was a beautiful cake Auntie!!

 Elle and Jordan

 To end the night, the groom pulled his niece and nephews into the pool.
With a little help from Uncle Tremayne.

 Oh yeah, and Brysen kicking Kenny in.  Such a sweet dad! haha!

 Elle and Alexis

 Uncle Ollie helping Elle clean her foot. 
 REALLY?? She can get anyone to do anything for her.

 Jacob and Parker

 Jacob and Parker

 Lauren slipped and hurt her leg pretty good.  Auntie Evette had her pose to show it off.
Thanks Lauren, for saving us all from the cougar. haha.

Abby, Kate, Marisa, Lauren, Elle, Alexis, Parker, Jacob, Justin

Friday, June 1, 2012

Wedding day

 During the sealing the kids went over to the Disney store.  Thanks Uncle Mike!!

 I think Jordan looks a little nervous to introduce his new bride to his oldest brother. Just saying.

 The whole family
 (Well, most of us)

 Mason snagging a licorice

 Oliver and Abby

 Mason and Elle

 I think Jordan is updating his FB status

 Parker, Kenny, and Anthony

 Dustin helping me get a picture of Justin
(After all, I am Justin's favorite aunt on both sides)

 Joey, Anthony, Justin, and Kenny

 In your face...

 See Brittney... you WERE at the reception

 Parker and Jake

 Lauren and Myia

 Grandma and Elle

 Time to decorate the car

Mason and Dylan

Utah trip 2012

This year we had the opportunity to go to Utah to visit family and to see Jordan and Amber get married.  It was a wonderful trip.  We loved being able to spend so much time with family.  And miss the chaos already.

 Kate feel asleep on Bumpa

 Elle cuddling with Bumpa

 Trying to get the kids to all look and smile at the camera at the same time proved to be impossible

 Elle must have thought I said "cry" instead of  "smile"

 Parker, Kate, Dylan, and Elle

 Parker and Dylan

 Kate, Lauren, Nana, and Elle

 The kids LOVED playing in the water at the new mall in SLC

 Parker and Avery

 Of course all of the wet grand kids just had to hug Bumpa

 Kate and Elle getting their nails done by Nana

Such a cute picture of  Bumpa and Elle