Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Easter without Dad

This year Dustin had moved out to Mass about a week before Easter.  So I was on my own. It was strange to not have Dustin home for Easter, but we did the best we could on our own. (needless to say, we are HAPPY to be together now)

Our visit to Utah

Oh My Goodness, We had so much fun in Utah!!
This post is long, but since we had so much fun, there are a lot of pictures.
 Uncle Mike bought confetti eggs.  Everyone had fun cracking them on each other.
Parker is getting Myia in this picture.

 It's not a party without a pinata!

 Notice Dylan T. is down with the kids collecting candy. (hey kids get out of my way!)

 Uncle Brysen with cute baby Keaton. (Some day Keaton WILL like me...weather he wants to or not)
 Elle getting some attention by putting her toe in her nose.

 Grandma Marcia with Keaton and Elle.

 Elle was pretty grumpy on the trip. So her uncles tried to bribe her with sugar.  This is second or third cupcake of the night.

 Same with Kate. Cupcake after cupcake after cupcake....

Mom and me!!  LOVE YOU MOM!!!

 Kenny and Parker just LOVE to drop things from the little window upstairs.
 Next day...MORE sweets!
 I love to watch Myia and Lauren jump on the tramp. I love when cousins play together!

 Elle and Brittney watching Lauren and Myia jumping.
 We just love to play the Oreo game.
 Aunt Shannon


 Dustin and Aunt Jennie. Jennie was the CHAMP!!  WooHoo!!!

 Fun times at Jumpin' Jacks!

 Brandon, Parker and Dylan.  Such handsome boys!!
 Lauren and Stephanie frosting (and eating frosting) a cake at Nana's.
 Cute Avery and Cute Kate playing together.

 Birthday cake at Nana and Bumpa's

 Dustin went shooting with his family.  Guns...not really my thing, so opted not to go.
Bowling with the Smith's.  It was so fun!  And funny, I love watching kids bowl.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The BEACH!!!!

I have a lot of Blogging to catch up on.  I don't know when I will get to it, or if I will.  I need to blog about Kate's bday, Parker's musical, and our trip out here to Mass.  But, last Saturday we went to the beach, and as everyone  knows, the beach is my favorite place!!!!  It was wonderful.  The weather was perfect for walking along the beach. Even though the water was freezing, the kids still managed to get wet.  The beach is about 40 minutes from our house, not so bad.  The pictures are all out of order.  Sorry, but I am not taking the time to put them in order.
Kate writting her and Elle's name in the sand

Elle and Dad

 The kids running to the water as soon as we got there. (this should be picture #1)

Kate and Elle playing together, nicely.  Only the beach could get these two to be this nice to each other.
Elle walking along the beach holding her flip flops with her shades on her head.
When we first got to the beach Elle hated it.  I think this picture is so funny.  The other kids playing, and Elle crying, refusing to have fun!

RUN!! The water is cold!

OH MY GOSH!!! Is it true, they are not only playing together, they are HOLDING hands!?! WOW!
The water is so COLD!
Elle was super mad when we first got there.
Elle got over it  fast. And she started to LOVE it as much as everyone else.  I think she could play in the sand ALL day long.

I love the beach so much.  There is just something about it.  It is so beautiful and peaceful and WONDERUL!  Plus it reminds me of being a kid and playing at the beach with my brothers.
We are headed to check out another beach this weekend too.