Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mapleton Reception and hike

Mapleton Reception and my brothers
Mike, Tremayne, Brysen, Jordan, me, Dylan, Oliver

 Keaton and Elle

 Abby, Kate, and Marisa

 Elle and Alexis

 Jordan and Amber

 This is how they thanked the person who decorated the wedding cake.
It was a beautiful cake Auntie!!

 Elle and Jordan

 To end the night, the groom pulled his niece and nephews into the pool.
With a little help from Uncle Tremayne.

 Oh yeah, and Brysen kicking Kenny in.  Such a sweet dad! haha!

 Elle and Alexis

 Uncle Ollie helping Elle clean her foot. 
 REALLY?? She can get anyone to do anything for her.

 Jacob and Parker

 Jacob and Parker

 Lauren slipped and hurt her leg pretty good.  Auntie Evette had her pose to show it off.
Thanks Lauren, for saving us all from the cougar. haha.

Abby, Kate, Marisa, Lauren, Elle, Alexis, Parker, Jacob, Justin

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  1. I love the pic of you with your brothers. First of all you look gorgeous and woah-you do have a lot of brothers:) So fun to spend so much time with family. Can't wait to follow your new adventure in Colorado (although I am a little jealous that you are so close to home and I'm still SO far away:( )