Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lauren's 10th Birthday

My sweet beautiful Lauren turned 10 on March 31st. I can't believe she is TEN!! Lauren is such a great girl. I am so happy to have her in our family.
Her birthday started out with cake and presents at home.

Then we headed down to Dave and Busters. Lauren and her friends had a great time playing.

Ella really liked this game. She was eyeing all of those coins just hoping they would fall.

Ella, Lauren, Hannah, Helena, and Jolie.

April fools

I just love April fools day! This year for breakfast Dustin put food coloring in the kids cereal bowl, then filled it with cereal. When the kids poured their milk in their bowl, the milk turned green. It was so funny. The kids were so confused.
For lunch I made "grilled cheese" sandwiches and "french fries". I took pound cake and sliced it then toasted it. And the "cheese is frosting that I colored orange.

Elle thought it looked weird. And refused to eat.

Lauren, Parker, and Kate thought it was so funny and they loved it!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ipad obsession

I think it is funny that the kids huddle around the Ipad to watch a movie when there is a 50 inch Plasma right in front of them.

Our first hockey game

A few weeks ago we went to our first hockey game. It was strange to see ice in Conseco.

Parker lost his first tooth

Parker lost his first tooth when he was 7 1/2. He was so excited for it to happen since most all of his friends have already lost at least one tooth.

Lauren's Science Project

Lauren did her science project on growing crystals. It was fun to watch the crystals grow. Lauren did a great job. She did it all by herself, and she got an "A".

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Auntie Tawni came to visit

Ok, so I haven't blogged for a LONG time. I have been so busy! I have so much to blog also. I decide to get started today and blog about Tawni visiting. Let me start by saying that we LOVE when family comes to visit. Hint hint! We had a great time with Auntie Tawni. We went to the movies, the sports complex, and a Pacers game.
Parker jumping into a pit of foam. (the foam is blocks just like head-on foam, Uncle Dylan should make a pit like this in his house!) Lauren jumping
Nedra jumping.

Notice where we jump from is super skinny, I barely fit through. It is definitely made for kids.

Dustin jumping

Tawni getting ready to jump. We didn't get an action shot of her.

Can't have family over without playing the Oreo game. Love that game!
Elle in the foam

Dustin and Tawni sitting front row at a Pacers game. A BIG thanks to Alan!!

It was a great weekend, and I am grateful Tawni came to visit us in Indiana.