Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things we did to keep busy during the snow days

The kids were out of school for a week because of the big ice storm we had a few weeks ago.
So, we were stuck in the house for a week. And I was sick with a Sinus Infection! URGH!!
It was nice to have Lauren and Parker home to help take care of the other kids while I was sick, but it was hard for us to be stuck in the house.
I did get out of bed a couple of times. We made OOBLECK. Which is one of the funnest things ever!! It amazes me every time I make it.

And the other time I got out of bed was to let the kids finger paint. What a mess that was!!

Kate and Elle

Elle is wearing Mom's shoes. ( Also wearing the dress Mom made for her). Looking so cute. I love that crazy girl!

Kate go a VERY fat lip a few weeks ago while playing at a friends house. She slammed the door shut and a board feel on her. She now says she will NEVER slam a door shut. Lesson learned.

Great Wolf Lodge

About a month ago we took the kids to Cincinnati Ohio to an indoor water park for an escape from winter.

Everyone was so happy to be out of the cold and to be able to run around.

Kate loved it so much. You could NOT get the smile off of her face!

Chillin' with big sister.

Getting hit by a wave.
Elle didn't enjoy the water in her face.

Elle and Kate could have stayed in this area the whole time. They loved the water coming up.

Parker LOVED the basketball hoop.

Kate was very excited to see how big she was.

FHE activity

For the FHE activity a few weeks ago we shot Parker's rubber band gun at a pyramid of cups.

It was a lot of fun for the whole family.
I think Dustin has a bit of an advantage because his arm is longer than the rest of ours.