Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful Turkey

It was a tradition in my family growing up to make a Thankful Turkey every Thanksgiving, and everyone writes on slips of paper things they are thankful for, and stuff the turkey with them. And at Thanksgiving dinner, we read what is written on the slips of paper. Dustin and I have continued this tradition in our family.
The turkey has some evil eyes, and crazy teeth. Also, did you notice the "mom" tattoo.

Lauren and Kate putting their slips of paper in the turkey.

Kate is thankful for the "world."


  1. I totally LOVE that! I want a thankful turkey!!! I might have to start something like that around here! How cute! And I love the way you guys made it!

  2. What a great idea! The turkey looks a bit like a thankful dragon! Happy Thanksgiving-We are grateful for our family!

  3. What a fun tradition! The turkey is a bit scary, but it keeps a wonderful family tradition alive.

  4. cute turkey! ours has lost it's head already! appropriate I guess!

  5. Cute tradition, scary turkey!! We make a big long list on butcher paper starting at A thru Z! Thanks for sharing! XO