Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Kate was Snow White this year. My mom always wanted to dress me up as Snow White when I was a kid and have my 7 brothers be the dwarfs, but they never went for it...shocker.
Pictures this Halloween did not turn out all that great. The kids were so excited and in a hurry to get into the Halloween party that they didn't want their picture taken. Lauren was a Vampire(except her vampire teeth wouldn't stay in). Parker was so happy to be Darth Vader, and Elle was fittingly a (pink) Monster.(she is a little terror these days)
Also, the kids and I made their trick or treat bags together. I remember making a trick or treat bag when I was a kid too.(thanks Mom)

Dustin made mummy hot dogs with the kids.
(while I was sick in bed with a cold)

And glow in the dark Lemonade. I got a recipe off of the Internet, and it called for tonic water. I had never had tonic water, so I had no idea it was disgusting!! It does however glow in the dark with a black light, which was really cool.


  1. CUTE kids! I love their costumes! And I can't imagine Elle being a monster! But she's a cute pink monster! Love the mummy dogs and glowing lemonade! Hope you're feeling better!

  2. Fun! Glowing Lemonade-you guys do the funnest things!

  3. i loved little snow white. she looked super cute. all of your kids looked great.
    look at how festive you are with the treats and the lemonade. yes tonic water is yucko!!

  4. Nedra, you and Dusty do a great job creating wonderful memories for the kids!

  5. I remember making bags with gma too. I still have mine. :)
    I can see everyone rolling their eyes at gma when she tried to get them to go as the 7 dwarfs.

  6. Nedra I was looking at all your cute pictures!! You have such a cute family.