Friday, July 9, 2010

It's always fun when family comes to visit

Grandma Marcia came out to spend time with the kids, and watch them while Dustin and I went to New Orleans for Dustin's work trip. Grandma and the kids stayed very busy while we were gone. They went to the Children's museum, Conner Prairie, the movies(a couple of times), and the pool A LOT! The kids had soooooo much fun with Mom and Dad gone and Grandma there to spoil them.
And then Mom and Dad came home, but the fun didn't end there.
On Monday Mom, Grandma and the kids went to an Indians game.

And then on Wednesday we picked Brittney up from the airport. And on Thursday we went to the Children's museum.

And then we went back to the Children's museum on the next Tuesday.

We went to Sam's club and bought a lot of super fun fireworks!!

Grandma went up to Michigan to pick up Oliver's kids.
Abby and Kate had such a great time playing together.

Brittney and Dustin both LOVE fireworks!! Brittney was surprised that it is legal here to light off all the fun fireworks that are illegal in Utah.

Lauren and Justin had a great time together as the oldest of the "kids."

Jake and Kate LOVED the sparklers. They had one in their hands throughout the whole evening.

This was Lauren's first time to hold a firework as it went off. She loved it!

You better run never know what will come flying out!

Brittney,Taylor, and Dustin did the majority of the fireworks lighting. They are just "big" kids.

Brittney is trying to figure out "what exactly does this one do?"

Tuesday night we had a fire and s'mores. It looks so light out in this picture, but it was really about 9:30 at night.

Lauren, Parker, Brittney, and Kate looking at the firefly that Parker caught. Everyone tried to catch fireflies, but somehow Parker was far more successful that anyone else.

Also on Tuesday, we made purse notebooks.
Dustin cut off the corners of the notebooks, and then we modge podged scrapbook paper on it, and then added flowers and ribbon handles. They are so cute!!

Abby and me having a TON of fun at the pool. She loved playing with me in the pool, but she wore me out.

Lauren, Parker, Brittney, and Kate.

I think my kids could spend every day at the pool and still love it.
We had a great time with family visiting. We were sad to see them leave. Family is so important, family is everything! I wish we all lived closer together. But until then I am willing to spend crazy amounts of $ to fly my family out to visit their Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Because, as crazy as my family is...they are still my family.


  1. Wow!! So fun and so busy all at the same time. I think my favorite picture is Elle on the carousel. Her happy face and little clutching hands are just pure joy!

  2. I really was amazed at what came out of the little fountain looking things. I can't wait to come out again I had a blast!

  3. How fun!!! I heard a rumor that you are coming to Utah?! Are you going to be here for the boys birthdays? We absolutely cannot wait to see all of you!!! Wahooo!(I love the purse notebook, it I got the supplies needed could you tell me how to make them? I can think of a few neices that would love one!)

  4. It is always so nice to be around family. Whether there or here, family is so important. I am glad you had a great time. It looks like you stayed very busy.

  5. That looks like so much fun! You guys did a ton of cool things! I love the purse notebooks!

  6. I bet those girlies thought the purse notebooks were the best! What a cute idea :) Having Grandma around is always the greatest - we're excited for ours - just 6 more days!!!