Monday, February 22, 2010

What we've been up to

A close up of my Mr. Potato Head

Yes that is a rubber snake mouth on her chin. Why you ask...have you met her dad?! Enough said.

Parker enjoying the cupcake decorating.

Kate loving the cupcakes at her preschool Valentine's Day party, Sitting by her best friend Lily.

Lauren learned how to make newborn baby hats in Activity Day Girls. She made this one on her own. She was really proud of herself, and so was I.

Lauren wore these same jammies when she was Kate's age. Lauren used to LOVE these jammies, now Kate LOVES them. Thanks Nana!


  1. I am loving the pictures of Elle. So dang funny! I am so impressed with Lauren and her skills.

  2. Can't wait til Sarah can wear Steph's Dora jammies! We all enjoyed seeing the pics (Brandon especially loved seeing Parker!) We love you guys and miss you bunches!!

  3. I like how Elle has lots of stars. sometimes when I'm having a bad day Dylan will draw a picture, find a sticker or find one a picture of a golden star and send me a pic of it.
    I always start to make a hat but never finish it way to go Lauren!

  4. What an entertaining blog. Lauren your hat is definitely something to be proud of. GREAT JOB! Happy to learn the Dora jammied are alive and well. Kate looks so cute. Ell-o's stars are the best and the chin snake is so HER FATHER!! Parker remains handsome as ever and makes the frosting look yummy. Yea, Nedra on the Mr. Potato Head - so cute.