Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mr. Potato head

Last week I got together with my sewing group (Melanie, Lyndee, Amanda, and Morgen) and this time our project was Mr. Potato heads. They were a major pain to sew because there were such small pieces. But it was a lot of fun to get together with good friends and try something new.
We usually start our projects pretty early in the morning in order to get finished in time to take the kindergartners off to school, thus I look like I just woke up.
Unfortunately, the kiddos don't even love to play with it. Elle will for a little while during church once she has gone through all of her other toys, and is desperate. Oh well.


  1. Those look like a lot of fun. Too bad I don't sew! Mine would have been a disaster. But I sure like them! :)

  2. Those are pretty cute! I love fun sewing projects like those. Maybe Elle can throw it at people during church... that would be entertaining!

  3. these are awsome potatoes! i am suure i dont look like a potato! im to pretty to be a potato!