Sunday, January 1, 2012

New York pt. 2- cell phone pictures

Ice skating at Bryant Park
 I know, the cell phone pictures are horrible!!

We had such a wonderful time ice skating. I was SHOCKED that Kate and Elle wanted to skate.  I thought they wouldn't want to.  Or they would be scared once they tried and want to stop.  Nope, they LOVED it!!

 Parker definitely wins the award for falling the most

 Those are the smallest ice skates ever!  So cute!

Ok, these pictures are out of order.  We stopped by the NBC store on the first day after Rockefeller Plaza for a much needed candy break.  

 We stopped by the Lego store.  It was probably Parker's favorite part. 
Dustin loved this bus

 Waiting for pizza at Famous Original Ray's

Lauren trying on glasses in time square


  1. What a fun adventure!! How nice to be so close to some fun places. You guys squoze a lot in in just 2 days. The kids look happy. We miss you!!

  2. New York looks like it was fun! I like the santa beard and the tortilla snowflake ideas! We missed you guys so much at Christmas!