Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Grandparents visit part 4

Quincy Market
 Bumpa, Nana, Kate, and Elle watching the street performers

 Dustin helped the street performers

These goofy street performers were pretty entertaining

 Fort Independence on Castle Island

 Grandma and Kate were running laps around us

 Bumpa, Parker and  Dustin

 This was really funny.  Dustin was trying to catch this crab.  The crab was making it difficult.  Dustin finally won.

Silly Bumpa

Lauren with a crab claw earring

 Wingaersheek Beach
The weather was great the whole time we had family visiting, except for the day we planned to go to the beach. Of course.  It was VERY WINDY!  But that didn't stop us from having one of the funnest days of all.

 We had a blast exploring.  Wingaersheek is the best beach for exploring.

Lauren thought that because she had rain boots on that she could go in the water.  She got soaked!

There were thousands of clams!  It was so interesting.  It sounded like crunchy leaves when you would step on them.  And there were so many, there was no avoiding them.

We absolutely LOVE when we have visitors. 
So come visit!!!

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  1. That seriously looks like so much fun! I wanna come see you! You look beautiful, as always! Miss you bunches! Just isn't the same around here without you!! Thanks for posting the updates and all the incredible photos! :)