Saturday, July 23, 2011


Welcome to Maine!
 It took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to Maine.  And it was so worth the drive.
 Lauren fake throwing up. The things they do to keep entertained when the Ipod is out of batteries.

Today is our 12 year Anniversary. So we thought it would be fun to drive to Maine and go to the beach. We found this really cool beach called Ogunquit. It is a really beautiful beach. The water is really clear(comparatively speaking) and the sand is soft. It was one of the funnest days!!! It was perfect!

 Elle was starving when we first got there.
 Lauren and Parker were the first to test out the water.  The water is sooooo cold, but fun still.  You get numb after awhile.
 Just love this girl!
 Parker loved boogie boarding.
 Elle loved posing for the camera.

 Kate loves to jump over the waves. This time she got Lauren to do it with her.
 Parker feeling good about his boogie boarding skills.
 Not so much now

 Wipe out!!
 Poor kid can't even open his eyes, and I'm just clicking away. 
 Elle loved to run and get on the boogie board and coast around.
The kids love pulling each other on the boogie boards.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! I wish you were here so I could have babysat for you so just the 2 of you could go out;) But we don't have fun beaches around here. We miss you but it looks like you are having a great time in Boston. Don't change the blog name. It makes it too official :(

  2. looks like so much fun! Great pictures! I love the one with Parker's feet up in the air! Miss you guys!!!!!

  3. How fun! Love the photos! It sure looks like Maine is pretty! Who knew?!? ;) Miss you guys!