Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sitting courtside... a Pacers game.

Friday night we were able to take the kids to the Pacers game. Well, not Kate and Elle. And as much as we love Kate and Elle, it was great to take just the older kids to a game.

Parker, Lauren, and Ella on the floor. (Ella is a part of our family now, she has to be, she and Lauren are always connected at the hip)

This pictures for you Beth.
Why is he looking at me like he doesn't even know me? He totally had to practically beg for five from me not to long ago!

After the game they let kids shoot free throws.

Parker and Lauren had a blast at the Pacers game!


  1. How lucky!!!! We are so spoiled by Alan. When we went to the game the other night the kids were so disappointed that we weren't in a suite.
    Looks like so much fun!!

  2. How fun! We had a blast when we got to sit on the court! The photos are super cute! Glad you had a wonderful time! :):)