Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Dining Room molding is finished

Dustin put molding up in our dining room. He did molding around the doorway, he raised the baseboard, and he put a shelf around the room, and vertical lines around the room. I think it looks great. He did a great job!!!
This is the corner of the shelf.
This is the corner of the molding around the doorway.

We use our Dining room as a piano room.

Dustin and Elle cuddling. She loves Daddy so much!


  1. It looks great Nedra, I mean Dustin:) No really, he did a great job!!!

  2. That looks wonderful! I love it! Wish I could have a piano/dining room like that to play in! It looks awesome!

  3. That looks HOT!!! Dustin did an amazing job. Maybe he'd be willing to help improve someone elses dining room... :)

  4. Dustin has SKILLS!! Wow, it looks so classy and stylish...I love it!