Sunday, September 12, 2010

She's Crafty

Here are pictures of the sewing projects I have been working on lately...

This is my latest bag. I think the size is great for a diaper bag. And I love the fabric I got at the crazy sale at always in stitches; it was well worth the madness.

This is my first bag I made. It is still one of my favorites. I can't believe I found this cute fabric at Jo Ann's. I love my pool bag!
I found this cute idea from some crafty blog. The original idea came from J Crew.

I went on the J Crew website, and got the idea for this shirt. These shirts were about $45 on J crews site. Crazy!

I LOVE this skirt. It is super easy to make. I made the exact same skirt in Elle's size too. I can't wait for her to where it.

And the best part is Kate loves it too. She twirled in it. And it passed the twirl test!

And my very favorite thing that I have made is this dress. I love the fabric that I got at Always in Stitches. And I was so surprised and shocked that I could actually make a dress.
And the good news is Kate loves it, and once again, it passed the twirl test!


  1. She IS crafty...and really good at it too...and really great to craft with too :) Thanks for showing off all your crafts - I love them!

  2. I'm so impressed Nedra, good job!! I love the bags, skirt, shirts, dress...EVERYTHING. You have a great talent!

  3. You are sewing all the time. I always wanted to sew with you guys when I was there but it never worked. Look at you!! Great job!

  4. They all turned out so cute. I LOVE the skirt AND the dress. Darn, I should have had more faith in myself and just gone for it. I'll have to do one soon. Super cute!!!

  5. Super cute, Nedra! Your girls must love having you sew cute things for them. My mom used to make me dresses when I was little, and I always loved it when she'd measure me or have me try things on with my eyes closed (for birthdays).

  6. Holy cow!! Everything is darling!! I need sewing lessons! You are just amazing!

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  8. Hi Nedra, my sister is Amanda. I just left a comment and realized I was logged in as my daughter Kenzie, sorry...
    LOVE all the things you are all making!! Your daughter is darling and the little dress you made is so cute!!
    My favorite is the (JCrew) shirts. You are all so talented and crafty!! So fun!

  9. I always spin in my skirts too! It's like we're related. I love the dress and your new bag. I miss you guys.
    The other day I wore my shirt that says Indiana where I want to be and this guy goes why on earth would you WANT to be in such a humid climate!? I said 'cause my awesome aunt moved there. he said that was a good reason then.