Thursday, May 20, 2010


Parker loves to play baseball. Well actually he love to hit the ball. Outfield to him is soooooooooooo boring. He is usually out there throwing his hat up in the air.
But, batting is what he loves!!!!!!!!!!

I just love to watch my kids play sports! And luckily they love to play them too. I am looking foward to the fall when Kate will play soccer. Parker will play basketball, and Lauren will play volleyball. It will be a very busy time, but it will be fun.

This it what Lauren and Elle do to pass the time. They love to watch Parker hit, but beyond that they have no desire to watch the game.
Elle really does LOVE her big sister Lauren!


  1. Brandon was so excited to see Parker play baseball. Good Job Parker!

  2. I bet mom loves big sister Lauren too. Such a good helper. Jane wants to start soccer. I think it is time I enter the world of kids and sports. It looks so fun.

  3. Blake also doesn't love the outfield! I admit, it is pretty boring! But isn't it awesome to watch your kids play sports? I LOVE that Blake is into EVERY sport out there! WOO HOO! Cute pics of your adorable kiddos! :)

  4. It's good you like watching your kids play sports. I always felt bad for my parents who sat through every one of my softball games which inevitably ended when the other team hit the "10 run rule."