Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lauren's new favorite thing is...

...Her Roy Hibbert Shoe!

After the last game of the season, the Pacers players gave out autographed things to the crowd. After a lot of screaming and trying to get a players attention, Lauren ended up with a Roy Hibbert shoe. Yes, just one shoe! She was so excited, and she just loves it.
Thanks so much to Alan and Beth for the invite to the game. It was a BLAST!!


  1. Wow that's awesome. How lucky!!

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  3. I'm so jealous! LOVE Roy Hibbert!!! Go Lauren! That's awesome! (Even if I am totally jealou).....:)

  4. Nana loves the BLOG - you do a great job Nedra. Lauren, would you like one of your Nana's shoes? All look wonderful.