Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random pictures taken with our new camera

This is a long post, sorry, but I just couldn't pick which pictures to leave out, so I posted them all.
We made brownies for family night. Parker was sure he could crack the eggs. Crack them he did...and the whole egg ended up outside of the bowl, and the shell in the bowl. oops!
Ella, Lauren, and Kate giggling from a sugar high on the way home from Ivanhoes.

The kids love to play freeze dance. Parker has some killer moves.

Such a girl...she loves her lip gloss.

Christmas morning was exhausting to this little girl.

there's nothing like a gun magazine (at least that's what they tell me)

Christmas morning

The whole family love to make sugar cookies.
It is a Christmas tradition.

Kate is always using her imagination, this time she was playing with some things on moms counter as we were getting ready for church. She needed just a little boost and she thought what better then....

Lauren loves to be in any picture!


  1. Cute! I especially like the one of Elle putting on lip gloss!

  2. That picture of Kate is awesome.

  3. I love the picture of Kate. So stinkin cute! Cute cute picture.

  4. Such fun pics!! Sure do miss you guys!! Give everyone a squeeze from Auntie Jennie!

  5. Cool pics. I miss you guys so much, sunday dinners just aren't the same.